Person 1 Person 2

“Hey, have you ever received a letter requesting payment before legal action?”

“Yes, I have. It’s important to understand the rules of counting significant figures to make sure everything is accurate.”

“I’m working on a legal case. Do you have any advice on how to write a legal motion sample?”

“Yes, I can help. Also, do you know if legal and accounting fees are tax deductible?”

“I’m working on a website. Can you explain the importance of a terms and conditions agreement checkbox?”

“Sure, it’s crucial for legal protection. Also, did you know about Australia’s common law system?”

“I need a legal consultant for my case. Have you heard of on point legal nurse consulting services?”

“Yes, they provide expert advice. I’m also familiar with divorce laws in France.”

“What is the full form of SPC in court? I’ve seen it before but don’t know what it means.”

“It stands for Special Purpose Company. Also, do you know the full form of FA system?”