Welcome to Legal Raps

Yo, let’s talk about the digital contract note,
A document that’s electronic and makes the process remote.
It’s part of the codification of legal system,
Making sure everything’s official and legit, no problem.

But wait, what’s up with selective law enforcement?
Shouldn’t everyone be treated the same and not make it so different?
Can you get a prenup in India?
Yes, you can, as long as it’s done with legal criteria.

Check out the criminal law secretary jobs,
A place where your legal skills can shine and rob.
And learn about the contract labor versus employee checklist,
So you know the difference and don’t end up with a lawsuit on the docket.

Then there’s the trade facilitation agreement from the WTO,
Making sure trade is smooth sailing and free of any woe.
Be sure to get your employee timesheet agreement in place,
So there’s no dispute about hours worked or having to save face.

Another topic to take to court,
Is suing a company for OSHA violations as a resort.
And finally, let’s not forget the new Chinese data protection law,
It’s all about keeping your info safe and without flaw.